Friday, December 23, 2005

Wal-Mart LOSES in California

I like to think of this as one step in the right direction in controlling Wal-Mart. Wally World runs the world much the same way the Shrubites do; they think laws simply don't apply to them.

The world's largest retailer was ordered to pay $57 million in general damages and $115 million in punitive damages to employees for violating a 2001 state law that requires employers to provide 30-minute unpaid lunch breaks to employees who work at least six hours in a shift.
When a local California (Oakland) jury orders the retail giant to pay $172 million to 116,000 current and former employees, it's a good day indeed. This shows Wal-Mart that no, they can't get away with anything and not even their new PR team will help.