Thursday, January 05, 2006


I'm not much in the mood for blogging about the 12 miners who died when the mine collapsed, or about the 46 violations the mine had prior to the collapse, that the sole survivor is in a coma and may have brain damage or how someone screwed up and Wednesday at midnight families were told their men were alive yet 3.5 hours later the reports were rescinded. But it's nice to know where their priorities lie, isn't it?

Or that Pat Robertson has yet again proved he should not be allowed near any microphones, television crews or generally allowed on air after things happen such as the serious (massive) stroke that has left Arial Sharon in a physician induced coma because his brain was bleeding profusely.

Then there is the family of 4 who were murdered in their home Sunday, New Year's Day, here in Richmond.

And let us not forget the floods in northern California, the fires raging in Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona (which made it in the Guardian) and the overall weird weather the entire world has been experiencing lately.

People are dying everyday in Iraq due to the immense tensions present there I'm sure (sarcasm), more than 130 in two days; a skating rink roof collapses in Germany killing at least 15 people, including children (the picture attached to that link is horrifyingly truthful) and we bombed Iraq Monday night only to get it wrong....again....resulting in more civilians lives being lost to an unjust and mislead war.

Who wants to watch the news anymore if all they're gonna see is death, destruction and the ruination of the world by a vengeful Mother Nature?

Not me says I.