Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Reality of Choice

How come people had such severe reactions when a woman wrote about her choice to have a selective reduction when she found out she was pregnant with triplets, yet there wasn't so much as a splash regarding this opinion piece in November's WashPo?

As I exited the car like some kind of odd celebrity, I wasn't prepared for the older woman who shoved her face an inch from mine and screamed that I was murdering my baby. I wasn't prepared for the looks of pure hate, no, the looks that could kill. I seem to vaguely recall being warned not to make eye contact, but I did, and I saw what I thought was someone who would gladly murder me to keep me from entering the clinic.
I really like what she asked in her last paragraph:

In America, I need to know: Where is the place for people like me, who feel it is important for a civilized society to make abortion safe and available for those who need it and who also believe that the ending of a pregnancy, however it happens, also releases a tiny spirit into the air?

Where do people like her go? It seems the loudest voices are to either extreme: you're either a murderer or not pro-choice enough. I know there is a diverse bunch within the pro-choice movement, but sometimes the smaller voices get lost in all the noise.

I'm sure no one wanted to point this particular article out because it gives real proof just how hateful anti-choicers can be at clinic protests (and other places of course).