Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day 4 of Alito Hearings

  1. They're still talking about Vangaurd and Princeton. I'd be frustrated, too. Regarding the whole Vanguard case, if he had "lived up to his word" as Senator Hatch so eloquently stated, then Alito would have recused himself from the case at the very beginning. That means there shouldn't have been a motion asking him to recuse himself first.
  2. The republicans are still apologetic for the democrats line of questioning. 'Cause, you know, they never act like Senator's Kennedy and Leahy when questioning a democratic nominee.
  3. We know that Alito said no one is above or below the law, yet he pretty much believes the President shouldn't have to get approval from Congress to wage war against countries like, say, Iran.
  4. Senator Biden really does ask some hard questions, one of which stumped the otherwise quick-on-his-feet Alito.
  5. Framers said federal judges have life tenures so Alito believes that, unless we change the constitution, we're stuck with them 'til they retire and/or die.
  6. Alito's wife is finally wearing something that's non-flashy and distracting.

And it's only 10:45.