Friday, January 13, 2006

Spelling Bee Day

I took a break from the Alito hearings to attend the Spelling Bee at Peanut's school. Wow, it was kinda neat!

This picture of Peanut spelling his first word wrong: doctor. Instead of spelling it 'doctor, he spelled it docter. Oh well.

I do wonder if he did it on purpose though because he had talked about getting eliminated as he didn't want to go to the city-wide spelling bee. But, we didn't go over the word doctor because I just didn't think about it. We went over 'condensation,' 'exoskeleton' and 'typhoon,' but not 'doctor.' Agh.

So, having answered wrong on the first round, he got his bottle of water and came to sit with me. Thankfully, he was not upset he had lost which also makes me wonder if he had done it on purpose.

He ate lunch afterwards and then we left to go pick up something for the cats. It was by the Metro Richmond Zoo so we headed there for some warm afternoon fun! That's where the pictures of the giraffe's came from.

However, the more I go to this zoo, the more it bothers me. The gibbons where on a small island no longer than 10 feet at least in the middle of a pond. The tigers aren't even on 1 acre (maybe close to it) and have no shelter. The only animals that probably have ample room are the smaller gibbons, spider monkeys and others of their size. None of the cages have covers and most had no place for the animals to go to get out of the weather.

The zoo is slowly making changes and perhaps those are some of the changes they want to make, but it still doesn't help eleviate the sad feelings in my heart for the diminished lives of the animals in capativity.

Tigers like to play and are forever curious. The new black bear paces the fence line since his pen backs the woods. Lions need stimulation.

Who knows, maybe I just know nothing of what goes on in zoo's to begin with. I do know giraffe's have very long, pointed purple tongue's and Peanut thought it was cool to feed them for all of 2 handfuls of zoo food.