Sunday, December 11, 2005


We went to see it yesterday morning, even after the fight with the cat I got into. (The cat won.) I totally forgot that it was Disney producing the movie. I think Peter Jackson should have been on board because then maybe, it would have been LOTR's good.

Peanut's favorite part was the war scenes of course. Never mind all the C.S. Lewis mind games that came before that.

I didn't like how they modified a few scenes to make them more interesting, like the 5 wolves finding the children at Beaver's den whereas it was 2 wolves that missed the group in the book. The wolf General didn't even have the same name in the movie. Geesh.

And where the hell did that fox come from? There is a badger, fox, chipmunk and another animal I can't think of right now having a merry party in Aslan's honor which the Snow Queen turns into stone, but other than that, no fox exists as a character in the book as existed in the movie. I know this for a fact because I just finished reading the book Friday night (again).

I don't like how the movie showed Peter, Susan, Lucy and Mr. Beaver following Edmund then watched him go into the castle of the White Witch. In the book, by the time they noticed he was gone; Edmund was almost to the castle. Also in the book, Mr. Beaver said Edmund was already lost because he had the look of someone who had eaten of the Queen's magic food. A lot more philosophy and logic was in the book. (Of course, reading a few reviews of the movie, I now understand the director choose to go Christian-lite so as not to muddle the intended message of good vs. evil.)

Also in the movie, but not mentioned in the book, is Peter's dilemma in fighting a war he didn't believe was his own. Was this put in because of what's going on now do you think? Because in the book, Peter, Susan and Lucy never questioned Aslan (Liam Neeson was the voice), telling him the war was stupid and not worth fighting. In the book Peter didn't stand up and say, "I'm not here to fight. I need to find my brother and then we're going home." Even when Father Christmas miraculously showed up did the three take their weapons dutifully and without question.

Having said that, Peanut did enjoy the movie because he was show centaurs, Cyclopes, fauns and so much more. He even told my mom that he got to see a character that was half human, half centaur. Yeah, he's cute. I loved the graphics and realness of these characters.

The actors/actresses who played Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were wonderful and will undoubtedly go on to bigger and better movies. And of course the movie was left inviting a sequel since there are, after all, 9 more books in the series.

Overall, I think I would have to say the movie is okay but not great. I was disappointed because I've been looking forward to this movie for a whole year; I wanted it to be LOTR's great and it wasn't (which is my own problem, not the movie's, lol).