Wednesday, December 07, 2005

On DeLay....again

Isn't it funny how he demanded a new judge be inserted into his case, claiming the previous one was too democratic for his taste, yet was still found guilty? Yep, the new republican judge in the DeLay case upheld 2 of the 3 original convictions.

The charges involve $190,000 that the state says was collected from corporate donors in 2002 and, in violation of Texas election and money laundering laws, routed through Republican political action committees to seven Republicans running for the Texas House.
What's more interesting is the spin calling this a "partial victory." Yes he got one of the charges dropped, however, the 2 most important ones still exist. His lawyers are touting that since the judge saw through the falseness of the conspiracy charge, the rest will be hard to prove.

Do any of them not remember they didn't cover their tracks all that well which is why they are going through this process to begin with?