Sunday, December 04, 2005

Plan B

Today, or rather, early yesterday evening, I thanked all the God's, Goddesses (and so forth) for the wonderful brain and passion I have for knowing about my body and my rights. Because last night around 10:30 I found myself sitting in an ER waiting room in order to gain access to Emergency Contraception, or Plan B.

It was the first time in at least 2 years that I got to have sex with a guy I really like and the fucking condom breaks. Isn't that just my luck?

Everyone was nice and pleasant about it, I had absolutely no problems obtaining the two small pills that don't even measure up to a dime and it was done within two hours of me arriving there. Thank heavens for 24/7 pharmacies!

Another lesson learned is that those 2 small pills cost me only $28.99 and the nausea meds cost me $19.99. The funny thing though? I took the 2nd pill at 1:30 and so far haven't felt anything. The ER doc sent me to the all night pharmacy because they had the brand with more progesterone in it which supposedly isn't supposed to make me as nauseous. He also told me I was doing the responsible thing and that this option was a lot better than the alternatives if I had waited. Yeah, tell me about it dude!

E, when trying to talk me into waiting 'til the morning, didn't seem to fully grasp the severe panic I was experiencing. While dressing, I roughly explained to him that I had been through one abortion when I was 18 and would really like to keep it that way, as in, no more abortions!

This occurrence only further cemented in me that my decision not to have any kids at all ever again is indeed the right one. Even if I do meet "the right person," I'm happy with my lovely Peanut and that's all.

So, now we all know that CJW Medical Center has Plan B and there is a 24hour pharmacy that does, too, and dispenses it without moral any implications!