Tuesday, November 29, 2005


He's not that small anymore, but isn't he adorable? He was born in July (this picture was taken 1 month later) at the National Zoo and is considered a great achievment because Giant Panda's are so hard to breed in captivity and are touchy in their natural habitat which is being destroyed rapidly. This is the 2nd pair of Giant Panda's given to the National Zoo and they have a large observation/data room set up for these cuties.

We tried going there twice to see the panda's because we love them. However, everyone else was trying to see the panda's, too, especially the new baby and now they charge an admission fee of $10. I guess they figure since the panda's are the main attraction, they could pay their own way. Or a huge exhibit is in the process of being completed for them so that may have something to do with it.

I personally love the gorillas and elephants and could sit around watching them all day. Scroll down to see Kuja, the silverback. He's huge and knows how to play it up for the crowd of onlookers. We got to watch Kojo and Kwame play hide-n-seek last time we were there (in August). It was both fascinating and hilarious to see their intelligence so obvious.