Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My kid's in Style

Lots of kids from his school were in it, too, but his is the only one that counts, right? The story isn't available online because it's a free publication and in order to keep it free, the online thing just isn't working for now. But they asked the kids what they really wanted for Christmas and here's what my son had to say:

Wish List:
[Long pause] A new toy Corvette that I could drive around in my back yard. And more army toys. And more knight toys for my castle. And I also want a big castle with a catapult and something that smases the gates, and when it's smased, all the gate falls down. I also want a robot toy dog and a dragon toy and a knight bed ... and costumes that look like knights and kings.
Why do we give presents to people?
Cause if their house explodes and they don't have anything, we could jus sent it to them. Once time I did that because there was a lady's house that exploded. Me and my cousin Z. had to send toys, lots of toys, so my mom gave up my Lego knight kingdom people and I was really sad. And she also gave up my Lego Bionicles. So I just cried a little bit.
People are gonna think I'm mean because I made him give up his toys, when he did so voluntarily after I had discussed it with him first. And the story was that last year, 1 week after Christmas, a family's house was destroyed by a fire, including everything they had gotten for Christmas. Their son was Peanut's age so I sent the toys he wasn't playing with, including half of his Lego Knight Kingdom figures ... which he hadn't played with in over 2 months prior to me giving them away.

What's even more hilarious is that he has the Corvette sitting in our garage. He's also getting that castles thanks to good 'ol Santa complete with catapults and dragons. It was imported from Sweden so damn it was expensive (I bought it locally though).

I also find it funny that he said he only cried a little bit but in all reality, he didn't even blink. Kids are nuts.