Friday, December 09, 2005

Can't concentrate

because I GRADUATE tomorrow! That's right, after tomorrow I will officially have a bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in English. Wooohoooo! I'm not doing the walking thing because I can't fathom sitting with complete strangers for 4 hours while someone in my family keeps my son entertained somehwere in the stands.

But nevertheless, I will still be a college graduate after tomorrow with my diploma being mailed to me in January.

Today, because the people I work with are so damned cool and I will miss them entirely when I find and hold a full-time job, I was treated to a congratulatory lunch. They gave me a basket of goodies, too, which was totally unexpected.

Here's what my good friends got me:

A Knitting Pattern a Day Boxed Calendar. (Love this!)

2 VCU mugs which was funny considering I was not long ago ruminating over the fact I had nothing with my now Alumni's logo on it - at all - except a dyed tshirt.

A box of Celestial Seasonsings teas since I abhor any sort of coffee (but love Chai).

Apple soap and a bookmark from Ten Thousand Villages.

Girls Hold Up This World by Jada Pinkett Smith.

Some ever so delicious organic chocolate chip cookies from Back to Nature.

A book titled Chocolate Treats. I have to make something for a shindig my sister's helping host at our church next weekend and I've already picked something out!

A white washed wood picture frame.

And a package of Milky Way Santa's with chocolate creme filling. Are they trying to tell me something you think?