Thursday, December 08, 2005

Afghanistan is not free from the Taliban

The following list offers only an abbreviated glimpse of the hellish lives Afghan women are forced to lead under the Taliban, and can not begin to reflect the depth of female deprivations and sufferings. Taliban treat women worse than they treat animals. In fact, even as Taliban declare the keeping of caged birds and animals illegal, they imprison Afghan women within the four walls of their own houses. Women have no importance in Taliban eyes unless they are occupied producing children, satisfying male sexual needs or attending to the drudgery of daily housework. Jehadi fundamentalists such as Gulbaddin, Rabbani, Masood, Sayyaf, Khalili, Akbari, Mazari and their co-criminal Dostum have committed the most treacherous and filthy crimes against Afghan women. And as more areas come under Taliban control, even if the number of rapes and murders perpetrated against women falls, Taliban restrictions --comparable to those from the middle ages-- will continue to kill the spirit of our people while depriving them of a humane existence. We consider Taliban more treacherous and ignorant than Jehadis. According to our people, "Jehadis were killing us with guns and swords but Taliban are killing us with cotton."

The above picture and introduction can be found on RAWA's webpage entitled Afghan Women: Under the Tyranny of Fundamentalists. Notice the 2nd link under the title that says, Some of the restrictions imposed by Taliban on women in Afghanistan.

On NPR this morning, they reported on "honor killings" in Iraq and how they have only increased since the US began occupying the country (that doesn't want us), not decreased since, you know, we're spreading "freedom and democracy." Oh, let's not forget that a "free country is a peaceful country."

Remeber that little old lady from way back when in commercials for Wendy's who would ask, "Where's the beef?" I say we start asking, "Where's the peace?"

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