Sunday, June 05, 2005

about yesterday

I didn't get my car fixed and I'm kinda disappointed. I do not (do not) like to quit and admit that I can't do something. So, when after 3 hours I could not fully separate the tie rod from the hub assembly and it was going on 4:30 in the afternoon, I called it quits and put everything back together again. Now I have to pay someone $200/side to fix the bearings for me. This really sucks because I don't necessarily have that money to spend but I was the stupid one who took my car in to get an inspection and it didn't pass because it needs the bearings replaced first. So Fuck.

If I had been working on the car with my dad, and began first thing in the morning and not at 1pm, both sides would have been finished. And yes, this truly bugs me.

But my dad and I aren't exactly on good terms with this whole "helping" thing because he ends up doing it for me. I got irritated with him when I had my flat tire because I kept telling him that my tire was wobbling pretty bad. He, of course, brushed it off as being a side effect of putting 'fix-a-flat' in the tire. When I went to have it checked out, it ended up being a bent rim. So I got mad at him because he didn't listen to me and we had a disagreement.

Today I slept too late and stayed around to help my mom with her cookout this afternoon. Whew, it's hot here! My mom let me take her car to pick Peanut up because I think she's feeling pity for me or something.

My car still rattles underneath despite replacing the insulater that keeps my muffler extension from supposedly rattling. The car isn't in anyway fixed. I feel like the car is falling apart, actually. I bought it for $950 and this $500 repair job along with the $1000 coming in August to fix the struts/strut mounts, it will have exceeded its value. I'm pissed so naturally I would start wondering why I'm doing this whole school/work part-time thing when every car I've owned while completeing this "adventure" has sucked and practically run themselves into the ground.

I can't wait for December to get here already so I can move on to the next phase of my life which includes living in a very urban areas so I won't need a car and of course, living somewhere my parents aren't.