Saturday, May 21, 2005

slow news day

I haven't done much in the past few days and I have to be honest when I state that I have also stayed away from the news. I guess you could say that I am putting my head in the sand for a bit. Relaxation can't be done if I'm constantly getting angry with the news and the rest of the world, right?

Anyhow, my car did not pass inspection yesterday as it needs new bearings on the front wheels. The car place wants $200/side. I'm going to see if Jenniebee's husband has any interest in helping me out in this department now that he's taken up lounging 'til the fall. Other than that, I have a new/used rim so I won't wobble my way down the interstate anymore but I'm losing air quickly in another tire. Great.

We went to this store called Mongrel that has lots and lots of cool gifty ideas. I got a book full of reused paper, a nifty present for my friend Jenniebee and a little red book for Peanut. He's in this stage where he must write and/or draw something pretty much at all times. I'm all for it bc little does he know, it helps him practice his writing and spelling skills. He was very excited when he learned how to spell "di" and "dice" yesterday evening. I also told him that he's my kid and he will not be a bad speller/reader. And so far he's not. He's catching on very fast and it's so much fun (not to mention the fact that I get to learn the fundamentals all over again).

I did watch Broke Down Palace again last night. That movie is actually pretty good and I wish Claire Danes was in more stuff.

As I was leaving this afternoon, I saw my dog across the street at the ballpark saying hello to a few people who were practicing. They were not pleased but hey, at least I know where to find her whenever she disappears (she goes to the same place everytime)! Then, after dropping my dog back off at home, I'm driving down the road when I see a turtle in the middle of it. Since driver's haul ass down my street, I pulled over and helped the turtle to the other side of the road, quickly. I think it was a snapper but it had its head tucked so far inside, who knows. It had a lot of read on its skin which is usually a sign of a snapper. Box turtles are another common sight around here but they are all green and yellow.

Today I took part in RABL at Carytown Books. That was a great experience actually. I read approximately 20 pages from The Color Purple by Alice Walker and my friend S. read from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, each for 30 min. Afterwards, we perused the bookstore, buying more books. (Yes, that would be about 6 books in 2 days now as I got the ones I ordered from Flea yesterday. Thanks Flea!) I read with my stronger growing southern twang bc The Color Purple takes place in the south, after all. My friend S. tried to sound southern but really ended up sounding more like she was from Boston. It was cute and funny at the same time. Later, after we left the bookstore, she admitted that she had thought she was picking out the story about the little girl whose mother died and the father was raising her....looking at her real dumbfounded, I laughed when we both finally figured out that she thought she was picking up To Kill a Mockingbird and I had to give her a little bit of grief for that as well (she had gotten the stories confused).

Afterwards, we went to a local natural food store called Ellwood Thompson's and I got some granola (there were so many to choose from!), soy ice cream (delicious btw), Boylan's Root Beer (a local brand), Kiss my Face peach scented lotion and a rainforest chocolate/peanut butter bar that helps to save the elephants. I would have bought more, but what the hell would I have done with it all? I need my own place for real.

I dropped her off and started home. When I got here, Peanut was wearing my nightshirt and stretching the hell out of it while watching LOTR, the first one. Come to find out, he's already seen it and I'm sure I can figure out who let him see it. My mom was watching him but she did call me before to ask if he could. I thought I had told her no, but oh well. It was almost over by the time I got home anyway.

And I've been chillin' pretty much since arriving home. We now have a makeshift clothesline out in the back and I had hung some of my clothes up to dry after my mom and I had gotten into a stupid nasty argument where once again it was mentioned that she could do whatever she wants to my stuff "Because it's her house!" So I took my clothes out of the dryer and hung them up all over the house. But it saves energy to hang them up outside anyway and, believe it or not, they actually dry faster. Too bad my backyard is full of large quantities of pollen and spider webs though, bc that is what most of those clothes are now incrusted in. Ah well.

December is not that far away!!