Monday, May 16, 2005

some lite reading...

First, from the NYT's:

More on that church in NC that couldn't keep its pastor out of politics.

The neverending battle for control over the programming for NPR, which was also discussed yesterday on This Week.

From Paul Krugman, his $.02 on The Downing Street Memo.

From the various sources that make up

An interesting piece on Bush's House Homophobe.

Here is a neat blog called Operation Truth and looks to be updated by soldiers who have been to Iraq or other "wars." Some interesting comments and discussion on the role of women in the military and the current legislation to ban them from the front lines.

Here is an article from Friday's WashPo that puts faces and names to the countless women now serving in combat positions in the army. It's a good read.

And I think this will be the last one. From Yahoo!, Repub's mull banning women from combat-related duties.

But I will leave you with a great site to buy fair-trade items that also helps fund food, mammograms, etc. when you shop: The Hunger/Breast/Child Health/Literacy/Rainforest/Animal Rescue Site (look at the top of the page for the various tabs). Enjoy!