Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday Morning

It's Mother's Day and CBS Sunday Morning ran a great spot on the reason behind Mother's Day, how it got started and about a mother's angst during times of war. I loved it. (It says WAR Letters but really, the segment is about a guy who went around the world trying to find war letters and he shares the ones written by soldiers to their moms - it's good and touching.)

Also, they had a brief segment on "mom bands." I got a kick out of it and even liked it when one of the rocker moms said that she didn't think moms had to be one type anymore and they are proof of that. Click on the above link and scroll down 'til you see the bolded caption PLAY DATE and you will see 4 links to sites about these women.

And I also wanted to send a shout out to all you mommies, soon-to-be mommies and those who, to speak of a touchy subject, once had children: you will always be mommies in my eyes and should be honored as such.