Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just a few things, really.

So I went out on a date tonight. He's nice and been reading my blog for a while now. How can a guy be bad if he reads my blog without me having to hit him over the head and stuff?

I got a haircut today, too. Whoopee I know.

But it was the movie I saw this evening that, I think, has to be the Folks, this is getting-a-babysitter worthy for real.

What is this movie you ask?

It's Crash. Pay very close attention to the first words Don Cheadle speaks. They are also the first words spoken in the movie: do not miss them.

I liked this movie tremendously because it confronted just about every single stereotype we as Americans face and impose onto others. We get stuck therefore we crash. Perfect title really because it's exactly what happens. If you've never read Flannery O'Connor, do. She enjoys confronting stereotypes in her literature, but its mostly christian/non christian. I haven't read nor heard of too many books that take on the subject Crash did head on. If you know of any, please send them in!

This movie was so good I'm going to see it again tomorrow with my friend S. so we can talk about how it sucks to be a woman but yet we're still safe because we're white women. Warning though, the movie will jerk you around emotionally and do bring tissues if you are prone to tears. It's all worth it, trust me.