Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Random musings

I started my summer class on Monday and it's about how to write fiction so needless to say, I've been busy. I had never considered myself a fiction writer but its coming surprisingly easy. It's a 5 week course so who knows, maybe I'll post a story or two up here once everything is finished.

I've also been performing my coordinator duties for a conference I attend in July. I don't just attend it anymore, I actually help plan it. I get the registrations, enroll people in their workshops and then, about 2 weeks before the conference, I have the daunting task of assigning appx 250 people rooms. These rooms, mind you, are not all updated into the 21st Century. The springs at Shrine Mont (in Orkney Springs, VA) are what originally attracted people to the sight back in the 1920s. It's a beautiful place without cell phone reception or an internet connection, air conditioning and heat but plenty of mountain air and green green green all around! I look forward to going up there, not for the conference, but for the atmosphere. The conference does have a plus side such as the unorthodox liturgy's (last year we prayed to Mary instead of god/jesus. Cool huh?) and the outstanding food.

Anyway, my point was going to be that since not all rooms have their own bathroom and more and more registrants want their own room with their own bathroom, too, it gets interesting. One woman emailed me yesterday stating that if she could not have her own room, she was going to have to ask for a refund of her deposit. The raging witch in me wanted to email her with a response like, "Well, then I guess you'd better start asking." But I know I can't do that. So I emailed her with a nice, pleasing response instead (I know, *gag*). Promises cannot be made because I don't know for sure what's going to happen and whose going to be in what room 'til I get which houses we are assigned for the duration of our stay. So this ought to be interesting. There are usually a lot of people happy with their room choices, though. These are also the people who have been coming for the 30+ years this conference has been happening and know what to expect.

But this is only the beginning. July 15th is when I head up there so I'm sure you'll be hearing more.

Onto another topic: Peanut and I went to see the psychologist yesterday. Thank goodness she understands my concern about his behavioral patterns. She also said that bright kids tend to pick up on things a lot faster and are more susceptible, emotionally, to certain non-verbal communications. Huh. We now have appointments to see her for the next 3 Thursdays at 9am, Eastern Time, where she will be playing and learning about him without me present. I think it will be good for him since I'm sure even 5 year olds need someone to talk to. She is also going to see if perhaps he is too bright for his own good and is just simply bored with school.

When I dropped him off this morning, the other kids were getting their packets of work out and guess what? It's Wednesday and he had already finished his. These were 3 large, thick packets. I'm also not sure when he got those packets, but if most of the class is getting them back out in order to continue working on them and he's already finished, one can come to the conclusion that they just got them on Monday. I'm worried about all this smart stuff disappearing over the summer, especially during the weeks he is with his dad. *sigh*

I saw a beautiful man on the bus this morning. He was of a different ethnicity than mine, but I don't know for sure and I have now realized the "middle east" is only the "middle east" because we are using the U.S. as the center point. So I don't want to say that. Perhaps he was Indian (India) or maybe from Iraq. Who knows (I'm sure he does). He was still beautiful and a dr. He was in scrubs and a white coat. Long, spindly fingers. *sigh* And then the bus stopped and he went into the building and I kept walking straight.

But then I saw the beautifully bald man that works in my building, too. He's some sort of dr. as I usually see him in scrubs and a white coat but today he was in civi's. He didn't see me though as I was behind enough for him not to notice. See, I get mute around these beautiful men. Isn't that funny? The most I ever manage to croak is, "Hi." I feel like I become emblazoned with a big "L" on my forehead at times like those.

And I'll be damned if I didn't have something else in my brain that I felt was blog worthy. Oh well, it will come back to me eventually.

On to yet another topic because I like multi-tasking my blog entries; I have been paying attention to the news of the protestors that heckled Laura Bush. She is taking it much better than her husband ever has and I don't think she made them sign a "Bush Support Pledge Card" either. I wonder if the Prez knows about this.

What perhaps weirds me out is how Laura Bush is always smiling. While watching her on the news, her smile hardly wavered. People were shouting some nasty things at her, but still she smiled. Does she think we don't know what's happening? She isn't running for Miss America either so the smile doesn't have to stay plastered on her face. It is a welcome change to her husband’s ever-present smirk though.

She's been on a lot of interviews lately, too. This time, she wants to make a real difference being the president's wife and it's been obviously working. The public loves her. Laura Bush's approval ratings are significantly higher than the presidents which I think can be both a good and bad thing. Perhaps he will take some pointers from her, eh?

What has she done for society during her time in the White House? She hasn't come up with any great policy changes, she hasn't come up with an all encompassing health care plan like now she is stumping for her husbands reputation and that of the U.S. She is the president's little bag of tricks up his sleeve. And I like her. Too bad she can't be president for a while.

(Psst, check out this anti-Bush bumper sticker site.)

(PsstPsst, thanks to KT for helpin a sista out.)