Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm baaacckk

So I have decided that next time, I'm gonna drive a separate car so I can avoid spending too much time with my mom.

Yesterday, I came out of this really cool coffee shop in East Aurora and sat down after venting my irritation that my niece was slamming the chess pieces down onto a glass table. My mom says to me, as I'm sliding into the seat across from her, "For such a young person, so much irritates you."

Grrr. So I fire back, "I was your little girl once and I remember A LOT of stuff irritating you, too."

She didn't talk to me for a while after that.

We are just way too much alike to be living under the same roof as adults (or what she claims as me "passing" for an adult).

It was fun seeing my grandma and aunt/cousins again. They are, of course, a lot taller than me but the kids had a blast playing with the cousins. The cousins had a great time playing with the kids, too, since they don't have their own and appreciate kids especially when they're gone.

I think I've seen the most of Buffalo ever on this trip, too. I got to see the amazing Lake Erie where it meets the Niagra River. Being from Virginia, I'm just not used to seeing lakes that huge and then referring to them as having coastlines and such. It was a great experience though, too bad I had forgotten all about the camera.

I do plan on posting some pictures tomorrow that I took of the greener, moutainy parts of Virginia to show all of you unsuspecting readers that not all of Virginia is a big suburb (that's just the coastline).

But for now, I'm tired and just wanna veg out. Being around a 6 and 5 yr old the entire weekend always at someone elses house really tries ones fragile nerves. I was thankful for the hotel room each night as I could kinda let them loose and not have to worry about them breaking anyones anything for a little while.

I almost forgot. On our first night there, we let them go swimming in the pool located in the lobby area of the hotel. We had opened the door and no sooner had gotten all the way in the room when Peanut had already stripped off his shirt and went flying into the water. The problem? It was 3'6". This was over his head. So I had to rush to the side of the pool, throw down my new hardback book (small price to pay for your child, I know this so don't worry) and reach into the pool to grab my now near drowning kindergartener. Thankfully my mom had her swimming suit on and jumped into the pool, too, to catch him.

Yes, my heart was pounding mightily for quite some time after that. Whew.