Friday, June 03, 2005

more from the kid

I have to share a Peanutism because it's so cute.

Wednesday we went to Lowe's so I could get some of those EnergySaver lightbulbs and I decided to get a new desk lamp. We looked at the 50 or so they had and of course Peanut loved the Touch lamp - the ones that don't have switches but turn on/off just by touch - but I had seen this Robot Lamp. Of course Peanut was hooked on the lamp he could play with without me yelling at him but I told him we were going to get the Robot Lamp "because it had more character."

Now he tells anyone who will listen that, "We got a new lamp with a character in it."

So tonight I told him to turn the bathroom light on for his nightlight. He turns back to look at me from the hall and said, "I'm gonna turn the character light on instead."

How can you not like this kid, eh?

Last night, my niece (who is 6) and him were goofing off, kinda wrestling around.

All a sudden we heard, "Dude, watch your nails!"

He had grabbed the back of her shirt and her skin, too, we soon found out when she came flying into the kitchen crying hysterically (there is only one degree of emotion with my niece and it's always dramatized which is why I can be seen dancing around the kitchen singing, "And you are a Drama Queen....) accusing him of scratching her on purpose.