Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Food Meme

Provided by BitchPhD who coopted it from Jo(e). I was thinking of posting in Dr.B's comment section then thought, why take up all that room when I have my own blog? So here it is:

Favorite food to crunch: apples/carrots
Favorite comfort food: I don't eat when stressed but do tend to eat a large chocolate chip cookie in some cases.
Food that makes the best noise: I'm not really sure since most of the food I eat doesn't make a noise, though the sizzle of home fries comes to mind bc we made them last night
Favorite picnic lunch: ummm, tuna with dill and apples, a baguette, plenty of sunshine and a simple drink of water does it for me especially if I'm on a beach or in a large grassy field (with warm weather of course).
Favorite food scene in movie: If I have to go with a movie, I'd pick the birthday scene in Chocolat and from a book, Like Water for Chocolate (I have not seen the movie bc the book was too good).
Favorite food lyrics: hmm, not too sure bc none come to mind right now....
Least favorite food lyrics: Peanut! Peanut Butter (and jelly, jelly)
Best food smell memory: the smells of food along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, there isn't anything like it
Favorite summer snack: Canteloupe. There was one summer where on my way back from Nags Head, NC, a fruit stand had the largest one I had ever seen and it was de.li.cious. This was about 5 or 6 years ago and I haven't seen any like it since.
Food that reminds me of the ocean: I love the ocean so much that my mom remarked last night that she could not imagine me landlocked...so this is hard for me to imagine though smelling seafood cooking while I am outside on a sunny day can do the trick.
Favorite winter snack: any kind of tea with scones or short bread.
Most likely to eat for lunch: bagel sandwhich or something from the hospital cafeteria.
Least likely to eat for lunch: nothing (as in I have to eat bc my blood suger gets too low).
Makes me gag: clams/oysters.
Food tradition I hate: every New Year's and Easter day we have a "New England broiled dinner." It consists of a huge pot filled with carrots, potatoes, cabbage and ham cooked all together simultaneously.
Saturday night food: it's all the same no matter what day of the week - Jr. Mints!!
Favorite wild foods: strawberries, peaches, canteloupe, asparagus.
Favorite food for sex play: Jr. Mints!!
Favorite medicinal food: I have to go along with the other women on this one: cranberry juice.
Food that reflects my heritage: I come from English/German ancestors so it's a mixture, however, I don't eat any of the meat stuff so that leaves pretty much most of it out though there is this dish my mom grew up with and passed it on to us called "American Chop Suey" which is ground meat (I use turkey), spaghettio's and mashed potatoes. Try it, I promise that you will LOVE it (and it's very kid friendly though I have to remind Peanut of this almost everytime).
Food most like me: I have no idea.
Favorite raw food smell: dill and rosemary.