Friday, April 15, 2005

Anti-Abortion Manifesto

It appears that Eric Rudolph has issued an anti-abortion manifesto.

In an 11-page manifesto handed out by his attorneys, Rudolph said the Olympic bombing was an attempt to embarrass the United States in front of the world for allowing abortion.

and in true contradictory passion:

"Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified ... in an attempt to stop it," Rudolph wrote.

How was bombing the Olympics supposed to embarrass the U.S.? I was horrified; feelings of embarrassment were the last thing on my mind. Not even 9/11 managed to embarass the U.S. as we seem perfectly capable of doing that ourselves, but in other countries. Or with our "democratic" policies and the need to spread them all over the world. Perhaps if he was trying to embarrass the U.S. as a divided entity this may have worked, but how was anyone supposed to associate the bombing to his issues with abortion? The two have nothing in common with each other.


Emily Lyons, who lost an eye — and nearly her life — in the Birmingham clinic attack, wept and said she was almost physically ill as she watched in court from her front-row seat.

"He just sounded so proud of it. That's what really hurt," she said.

Yeah, because apparently he believes one life for another is justifiable if it stops the "holocaust" we currently refer to as abortion.