Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Random Ten: "It's a rainy windy day and the dogs won't go outside" edition

I had to walk them out in order for them to pee, isn't that odd? Or rather, isn't that rather spoiled kids of them? I love them anyway though.

1) Delicate by Damien Rice (great folk album)
2) I'm a Believer by Smashmouth (from Shrek 2)
3) When a Man Loves a Woman by Bette Midler
4) The Prayer by Josh Groban with Charlotte Church
5) I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me (I really love this group regardless of their religious affiliations)
6) Unwanted by Avril Lavigne
7) Sea Image by The Chieftains
8) Wide Open Space by the Dixie Chicks
9) Can't Take It by The All American Rejects
10) Run to You by Bryan Adams