Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I've been writing down each and every book I buy (for the most part as I'm sure I've missed a few) so that I wouldn't end up with 2's and 3's of things (such as The Poisonwood Bible for instance).

Well folks, the numbers are in: I have 353 books right now sitting in my room. I had absolutely no idea I owned that many. I know I'm missing a few in my count because friends L. and C. have some and so does my mom. In fact, my mom and I just switched books this evening. She now has one of my Anne Lamott books and I have the latest from Sue Monk Kidd.

I know I have 353 books because I just finished typing every single one of them into an excel spreadsheet so I'd have a much easier time, as they are now in alpha order by author's last name, looking up each one in hopes that I will not buy multiples again. It's what happens when you own too many books and have read at least half of them.... ; )