Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Is it really worth it?

All's I gotta say (in my version of southern) is:

Shurb should call each mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister, son and/or daughter who lost someone and was thereby directly effected by the war and tell them that War is Worth the Sacrifice.

My dad asked me last night if I would say that War isn't worth the sacrifice with regards to the American Revolution. I told him we can't really say that now because its done and gone already, but without it we might not be where we are today either.

He said, "Exactly."

Then I said, "But with this war, we're not fighting for our freedom. Shrub sent troops into a dead-end war under false pretenses. That's completely different circumstances than colonists wanting to be free from England's rule therefore fighting for themselves on our own land."*

And I still believe it is, which is why this war is compared to Vietnam so much. We didn't have to be a part of either one, but Iraq we started all by ourselves. I don't know why it has to be said over and over again, ad naseum, how badly Bush lied. Perhaps someone will start actually investigating him, bringing on the Impeachment process.

Does he need to get caught having oral sex with interns and then lying about it for charges to be brought against him?

*Yes, Shrub has said this many times before and he said it again: "He said the only strategy to tackle militants was to "defeat them abroad before they attack us at home".