Thursday, June 16, 2005

hoo hum

It's been getting very hot here lately and so that makes me lazy and sleepy. Tuesdays heat index was 107, Wednesdays was 105 and today its relatively mild thus far. I don't start sweating as soon as I walk 1 block and the weather guy said we are in an 8 now, down from 10. Yay! Peanut has been falling asleep on the way home now, too, catching on that I'll let it slid a little since its so warm. Not anymore!

But, the reason for my post this morning is to show you all that even I can be an idiot.

I got to Peanut's Talk Dr. appt this morning, went back in to fetch his colored pencils, came back out and closed the now locked door (which is a rarity). We went inside to check in and get him started, she eventually shoos me out so the two of them can chat for a bit and so I go back out to the reception area to schedule another appt. 2 weeks out.

The receptionist gives me back the card and I start searching for pockets. Realizing I didn't have any, I then wondered where I put my keys. I walked back out to my car to search the roof area to no avail. Then I look inside.

Yes, I left them in the car extremely visible on Peanut's booster seat, right where I had laid them when reaching for his colored pencils. Fun you say?

I call Jenniebee's husband since I knew he likes breaking into Fords (mostly to prove how shitty they are, not because he has a side job in boosting or anything) but alas, he was without vehicular transportation.

So I call Jenniebee, because she also has an extra car key that I had given her for instances like these. However, my key was on her key ring at her parents house. She had taken B.'s set of keys that morning as a result.

But, Jenniebee's good brother J. could be bribed into going to get B. and then coming to help B. break into my car. They agreed to purchase a Super Nerdy Reading Lamp for his troubles.

I think the best part is when I was talking to my friend S., joking about my extra set in the ashtray inside (I have a separate key for the trunk which is the reason they are there). Then I remembered making 4 extras: 1 for Jenniebee, 1 for friend L. who lives in Virginia Beach, 1 for home....

And then it hit me. I had one in my bookbag, in the bottom of my "pen bag" the entire time. I dumped everything out of that pen bag to verify, which gave S. and I a good laugh.

J. just happened to call at that time as well and he was nice about it, reminding me that we all have moments like that were we've been wearing a pen behind our ear for the last hour, then when we want to use it, wonder where we've put it. Or the times we can't find our glasses because they're on top of our heads.

Yeah, even fairly intelligent people can have brain farts, too.