Monday, June 20, 2005

A Request

This is a request for support from me for a fellow classmate who is spending her summer in anti-choice Mississippi where they are not allowed to open their mouths and tell women about their choices, including abortion. Abstinence-only "sex" education is taught, there is only 1 abortion clinic and they were allowed to have "pro-life" license plates. Her is a copy of her email from yesterday:

Hey guys, i just wanted to drop a quick note - this summer i'm working inMiss and it is crazy. Everyone is Pro-Life and they even have licenseplates here for "choose life". They have billboards everywhere sayinghow abstinence is the only answer and abortion sends you to hell. Iwork with families all day and i have to bite my tongue constantlycause they will always tell me about how they enrolled their childrenin an abstinence course (14 weeks!!!!). I am writing because firstoff, we should be thankful we live in VA! Also, I was wondering ifanyone had some bumper stickers they could mail me because I know Ican`t confront people, but I at least want my feelings to be known.Anything of the sort would be AWESOME, especially for the fewfamilies I run into who are sick of the overwhelming pressure aganistabortion. They even have an emergency clinic for women consideringabortion in order to convince them otherwise. Thank y`all tons for your support.

Sorry if there are typos but I only get a quick minute to use theweb. Thanks again!!

(Yes, we're the south so we say y'all a lot. It's in our blood.)

If any readers out there would like to send her an email of encouragement or send her pro-choice stuff to hand out, please contact me personally via email as I'd like to not post that information all over the web for various reasons. If any other bloggers would like to pick this up in order to get a wider audience, please do so. I'm more than happy to share!!