Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Heee's Baaacccckkkkk.

I have Peanut in my possession once again. Yay! I met his dad bright and early Sunday morning to beat the traffic and not wait another day to get my beautiful baby boy back from the evil clutches of his severely fucked up father.

Sunday morning my 5 year old prodigy taught me how to play chess using his brand new Star Wars set that had been purchased from Super K-Mart that same morning. (A parting gift from his dad. I keep telling him that with all the money he spends on toys for Peanut, he could have bought an entire wardrobe instead. He doesn't see it.)

Granted I beat my son in my first time ever playing chess, but it really was amazing how my child was teaching me, his mom. He was also desperate for a playing partner. And it's really not that hard to figure out either. His dad takes all the credit for Peanut's ability to play chess, even though it was a guy at Peanut's after school program that taught him. Whatever.

I'm also realizing that Peanut did not have the best diet while at his dad's house either. When I picked him up Sunday morning, he was gorging himself on a large box of Reese's Puffs cereal. EWWW! This is a cereal I would not have ever bought for him as it has almost zero nutrtitional value and is compiled of glazed peanut butter balls. Wonderful. Not only do I have that box of the crappy cereal, but his dad bought him an even bigger box. I'm assuming it was to make sure Peanut had enough cereal to last him the week.

Also, Peanut no longer wants to drink any milk. When I gave him to his father for 2 weeks, the kid had to have his 1 glass of milk in the morning or he got very upset. Now I have to bribe him.

I can also tell Peanut was spoiled and allowed to get away with a lot more at his dad's house. I was prepared for it since it's happened in the past, but I also know of some stories where extreme favortism was enjoyed by Peanut while his cousin, who is now 11, was pretty much ignored. My ex-husband hasn't quite figured out this whole parenting thing yet and treats his biological son much different than his nephew even though he has been entrusted with the care of his nephew for the summer.

My friend L, who lives with him 'til I move out on my own next year, told me of an evening where he (ex-husband) fixed himself spaghetti and when she asked what was for dinner, he replied, "I'm having spaghetti, I don't know what you all are having." This is the man I have to give my son to every other 2 weeks and then every other weekend during the school year. And then he wonders why I said I did not trust him.

But I'm happy because Peanut is with me until next Thursday, when his father and I meet again for another round of a hellish 2 weeks. Thank goodness I'll be occuppied some of the time with being up in Northwestern Virginia at Shrine Mont. Or I think I'd go nuts again.

Today I had to leave him at the summer program he will be attending while he's with me and I felt so sad because he felt so sad. It's mornings like today that I just want to take him and hold him close to me forever and ever. All of this is foreshadowed by the fact that I have to give him back next Thursday.

I can't wait for summer to be over.