Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Bad things happen in them. Sometimes you can multiple's of three's in just a few short days.

Yesterday I was talking on the phone to someone for work stuff (at work) and put my lunch in the mircowave at the same time. Apparantly I hit 60.00 instead of 6.00 and did not realize this until 30min later. I can't always here the mircowave beep so I had figured it stopped at its appointed 6 min.

Nope. Lunch was burnt to a crisp and my office stunk of burnt food all day yesterday and still somewhat smells today. I just finished cleaning out the microwave hoping that it would alleviate some of the smell.

Then yesterday afternoon I was over at the Husky rescue helping out in the yard when I moved the garbage bag and sliced the top of my foot open, just below my big toe on my right foot. Wonderful.

But that is not all! Last night around 11:45pm I bent down to pick up some stuff off the floor in my room. What ended up happening is my right eye running into the end of a small metal pole, the kind you stick lawn ornaments in the ground with. These poles were in fact attached to Flamingo's that are going to Shrine Mont with me on Friday afternoon. I had put them in the corner the other night to store them so I wouldn't forget them. It appears that I did.

So not only do I have a swollen eyelid, I have a very sore eyelid with a large red gash in it just below my brow next to the bridge of my nose. Upon inflicting myself with immense pain, I ran into the bathroom to look myself over. Yep, it most definitely could have been worse but I'm thanking goddess it is not.

What was so funny about it was that I had called my friend L. again to tell her to find out the name of the breeder that gave my ex husband's friend a puppy that is only 5 weeks old and turn him in. It's against the law in Virginia to separate a puppy from his mommy before 10 weeks.

While I was waiting for her to get to the phone is when I stabbed myself.

This morning I left my cell phone at home but only realized it 15 min into my journey. Since I'm picking a friend up at the airport this afternoon, I needed it. I turned back around, got it, then tried heading to Richmond again.

Of course I left said cell phone in the car on the front seat.

And then I got to work and quickly realized my period started a full week early. You could set your clock by my menses cycle so it's weird that it's early. I am thankful that I won't have to worry about it while at Shrine Mont though.

But tonight I have to go home and rearrange room assignments and workshop spaces. Again. Geesh.

I leave Friday afternoon at 1pm and this madness will be almost over Monday night once people settle into their rooms to sleep. Then it's smooth sailing!

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