Thursday, July 14, 2005


This morning, I stopped at the local Shell to put $20 worth of gas into my tank. There were 2 county buses there along with various men in either cop or security guard uniforms. I'm thinking they were the latter since I don't remember seeing any guns and they were filling up at least 10-15 red containers with gas.

On the back window of my car, I now have various stickers on the window: Every mother is a Working Mother; Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself; If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?; Russ Potts for Governor; God is Not a Republican or a Democrat; Kerry/Edwards (yep, still have it on there); Sexism is a Social Disease (sadly, I can't find this on the website now). I have a Human Rights Campaign "Equal Sign" on one side window and another Equality Virginia "Equal" sign on the other.

One of the securty guys went in to pay (or something) while the other made small talk with me and Peanut. That part was okay. It's when we came out from paying that he started hitting on me, therefore turning an okay situation into a not-okay one.

Notice again the stickers above that are on my back window.

"I like the stickers on your window there."

"Which ones?" I started smiling because I have been anticipating comments on my stickers since I put them on.

"All of 'em. It shows you have strength and confidence. I like to see that." Or something to that effect.

I simply popped my head into Peanut's open door, buckled him in, closed his door and got into my own. I was chuckling the entire time because this guy thought he could appeal to me through my stickers. The one that said, "Sexism is a Social Disease" was nearly in his face.


He called, "Have a good day," as I got into the car. I stuck my hand out and waved. Peanut liked the guys because they were wearing cop-like uniforms. I exercise extreme caution whenever I see two young men together, uniforms or no, especially when I am with Peanut.

I've already discerned a long time ago that I'm most likely not going to get any dates by meeting random people on the street even though that's how lots of other people do it. I'm always wondering what their hidden agenda is and usually can't get past the cheesy lines they use.

Perhaps the guard was calling me a bitch to his friend as I drove away and/or his friend was chuckling at his failed attempt to hook up with me...I don't care either way because I don't talk to strange men when my son is with me. It's sort of like picking up a stray dog while Peanut is in the car: it's too risky because you don't know their history or how they will behave.