Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm back.

I got back from the conference Thursday afternoon but so much has been running through my head I didn't (and still don't) know where to begin. I did some work on that essay but it's not finished yet. I'm hoping to get it up today or at least by Thursday. So much to think about and say!

I spent the night at my friend C.'s house last night so I didn't get to watch the news this morning as I usually do while getting dressed and ready for work. So I didn't get to hear that Shrub is coming to my neighborhood to speak to the 30,000 or so Boy Scouts that have descended upon us once again. I think I will just have to miss it. Oh. Darn.

But I also didn't realize 4 Troop leaders electrocuted themselves yesterday. They had erected their tent directly into the path of a low-lying power line. Somewhat in their defense, the lines are black and can hide in trees fairly well.

I'm not going to repeat what I said to my friend S. this morning (she was the one who informed me that it had happened) because it really was a cruel statement to make. I know it could have been an honest mistake because there is a street that I occassionally park on and one part of the sidewalk has a black wire that hangs really low. The first time I walked down the path, I almost didn't notice the wire because hey, who expects it to be that dangerously low? I'm not sure if it belongs to the power or phone company, but do I really want to take that chance? Um, no, not really. But I almost walked right into it, that's how low it is.

So, in all fairness to my earlier stupid comment, it could have quite easily been a mistake of judgement and distance. Also, who would think to look when you'd hope the Army guys who designated that space for tents would have made sure it was clear and safe to begin with?

Having said all that, I'm sorry 4 guys had to learn the hard way and that 2 more are severely injured. I'm sorry that a wife had to lose her husband and a daughter/son had to lose their dad in something so easily preventable. (I would include partner here but since we're talking about the Boy Scouts, we need not worry about gay men as they aren't allowed to be a Scout or Scout leader: couldn't resist ;)