Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Random Ten: Damnit, I Have to Start Over Edition

So my GoGear wasn't cooperating just now. When I went to go back to the first song played, it went back to the main list even though I didn't push that button. Because I was only half paying attention, I hit the arrow to Shuffle All again so it started over. Lucky me. Michael Jackson was on the first list and since my brain can't remember the first 10 songs played by itself (because at least 20 more have played since then :), he most likely won't be on the 2nd time.

1. Random by Lady Sovereign
2. Colors by Amos Lee (if you have not heard him, do!)
3. Don't Know How by Joss Stone
4. Party Starter by Will Smith (very catchy)
5. Rush by Aly & AJ (my neice absolutely loves this cd)
6. Airplane by the Indigo Girls
7. Ash and Smoke on the LOTR soundtrack
8. Brandenburg Con No. 3 by Bach
9. Lady Margaret by Cassie Franklin (from the Cold Mountain soundtrack)
10. Love is All We Need by Mary J. Blige