Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Adios mio. Oy. Jinkys.

Bush is so thoughtful he somehow thinks reducing environmental restrictions on gas will save people like me from paying $42.00 for 14.5 gallons every 4 days. He needs to perhaps grow himself a clue.

Who'd a thought Canada would actually agree with the US in its decision to bar the media from covering the return of 4 flag-drapped coffins; soldiers who were killed in Iraq?

And for shit's sake, because this is stupid, why on my Mother's green earth is Britney Spears pregnant again? Especially with plenty of wannabe mom's out there who'd do a much better job. Is that wrong of me to call her a bad mom? Perhaps it's based on the fact that, in all the pictures of Sean Preston, his nanny is within arms reach even if Britney is standing right there. I guess it's because I am a single mom and I got to do all that infant stuff myself. It's like when Gwenyth Paltrow decided to get a nanny for Apple because raising kids was "just too hard." Come into my world for a day then tell me about hard!

Even if she isn't (Britney that is), shouldn't someone tell her that DH left his previous girlfriend with 2 small children also? His life is obviously meant to be footloose and fancy free so muddling it up with children, and perhaps condoms, just makes it not worth living. Apparently.

(I'm going to crawl back into my safe knitted hole now.)