Thursday, April 27, 2006

Imagine me this.

What if you walked out of your house one morning and everything had been bombed out while you were trying to sleep? Bombs that disturb your life and your livelihood.

What if rebels stormed into your home, destroying everything, shooting any men and boys then raping the women and girls?

What if there were thousands of children known as night commuters who walk several miles each night just to be able to sleep safely?

What if you witnessed every member of your family being killed in war by some military or another?

What if you were Arab and fleeing for your life because the non-Arab eradicators wanted you gone even if it means (especially so) by death?

What if your government said no to helping you and your family fight the spread of AIDS?

What if your children kept dying from a disease that could have been prevented had your government allowed funds to be used for more important things than war or oil? Or if the president had listened and allowed himself to believe the scientific data backing these prevention methods.

What if your children were being taken to fight in an army?

What if your children were being stolen to become a child solider and/or sex slave?

What if you had a president who once said, "Not on my watch," but has totally ignored the mass genocide and holocaust going on throughout much of Africa right now?

These are a lot of "what if's...." but in at least one country around the world, all of it is happening right now as we sit safely at our computers and read various blogs, news reports or find out the latest on Angelina Jolie and whether or not she's going to give birth in Africa.

We are a society steeped in complacency.

Which is why I recommend attending a Save Darfur rally this Sunday in a town/city near you. I'm heading up to DC Sunday afternoon right after lunch because I don't have a good enough reason not to.