Friday, March 17, 2006

Felony Animal Fighting Bill Passes the US Senate

and unanimously at that. Yay!

You can click here to see if your House Rep. is a sponsor of this bill and if not, send them a letter or give them a call to urge them to support it.

This bill makes interstate trafficking of various animals and "weapons" used for fighting purposes a felony. Did you know that most often younger, helpless animals (such as puppies and raccoons) are used to bait pits into fighting?

It's disgusting. Even if you don't have any animals of your own, hopefully you will take the time to support a bill that could prompt lawyers and police officers to actually enforce and search out the assholes that create monsters out of such great animals.

(And just so you know, roosters can be very mean but I still don't think they should be pitted against each other unnaturally.)

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