Monday, October 03, 2005

Nothing to say

At least not yet. I wish I could say that at least Shrub nominated a woman and that it wasn't Priscilla Owens, but I can't. 1) He knows it's the political thing to do anyway and 2) Why couldn't he take this opportunity and nominate a woman of a different ethnicity? Sadly enough, I think Harriet Miers will be confirmed without so much as a batted lash.

I'm hoping the Dem's jump on the fact she graduated from a Methodist Law School or how she's been involved with several Christian organizations throughout her adult life. On NPR this morning, they said the conservative Repub's aren't happy with her nomination either but for different reasons.

And yet still I think she'll be confirmed speedy quick just like Roberts was because there, so far, isn't anything incriminating in her past. We all know the Dem's have kind of abandoned women so I won't be looking for a lot of fanfare when it comes time for the hearings.

dKos and Drum don't have much to say about it, surprisingly.