Wednesday, September 28, 2005


They were on campus this afternoon and yep, they brought kids and pictures with them. With one guy yelling into a portable megaphone assembly thing and others passing out literature, I walked right passed them. On the other side of the library the Komer Foundation's College Tour was trying to spread factual information about a woman's breasts and I wanted to go there instead.

On my way back, since the bus stop was right where they were standing, I again had to pass them but this time a young woman and some of her friends had stopped to engage the young man in a verbal sparring match. I so badly wanted to tell her that engaging the assholes would do nothing since she believed one way and they believed in another. A common ground wasn't going to be found. And they get what they want: a dialogue.

So talk about a shitty way to move into the rest of my afternoon. I hate those pictures of distorted fetuses that are not entirely accurate portrayals of what an abortion really does. Unfortunately they have the right to a peaceful assembly.