Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stampede in Virginia

This is the message my Special Friend left on my voicemail earlier today:

"You didn't tell me there was a stampede this morning. If you are going to blog about anything, this would be it!

He was referring to the iBook sale at the Richmond International speedway this morning. 1,000 iBooks were on sale for Henrico residents only, since it was their tax dollars who paid for the iBooks to be used in the school system 4 years ago.

I don't think people pushing, shoving and trying to kill each other over 1,000 $50 iBooks is blog-worthy because its just stupid rude ass people that are getting violent to begin with.

But apparently it made the national news since the Associated Press picked it up first and it's on yahoo!'s main page. Interesting.

Update: it made the front page of the Times-Dispatch in Richmond today. You really should click on the 3 video and 1 slideshow links to watch the madness unfold. One couple's toddler was in a stroller that you will see as a demolished lump of green in the slideshow. Thank goodness for the father's quick reflexes because, on the news last night, he told of how he had to yank her out before she, too, was trampled.

This reminds me of the time I tried to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live in downtown Manhattan. We were getting there and Peanut was on the back in one of those backpack carrying things for kids. He had just turned 1 two months before. We ended up (well, mostly me since I'm the mom) getting severly pissed off because people were pushing us, even with Peanut on the back of my then bf. I remember whirling around at one point, cursing the people pushing and telling them to back the fuck off my son. We didn't stick around as I didn't want to end up with a crushed kid. On our way out, another dad was following close behind us carrying his daughter, who was bawling, in front of him (which is where we quickly placed Peanut, too). She had gotten smooshed, too, and didn't like it one bit so the dad was doing what we were: leaving.

People can be such ruthless assholes even when there isn't much need to be. Yesterday, RIR started off with 4 cops but in a matter of minutes brought in 60 more. Given by some of the shots/interviews on the news last night, total chaos ensued for a chance at $50 iBooks.

Gimme a fucking break people. They aren't worth killing someone over!