Monday, August 15, 2005

talking to myself

Sometimes it seems that I am doing just that here on this wonderful blog of mine. But that's okay because it does me a world of good being able to put this stuff somewhere else other than my brain.

I've been working on that essay but my friend has yet to give me the book I need to cite and reference soooo, it's still a work in progress so-to-speak. I've been on her butt to get it from her parents house and admonished her for packing up such an important book that wasn't even hers. I then told her that I really wanted it so I can write the essay before school begins and that I'll most likely need it for my other 2 classes as well.

I'm hoping I get the book the next time Peanut's dad and I do "the switch" so I's can set to writin'. In the meantime, I'll be continuing my boredom by knitting scarfs/hats Pet Harbor to sell at their adoption events.

Oh yeah, and posting when interesting things come up.