Monday, August 08, 2005

kid update

Friday nights 'round here are movie nights. We break out the popcorn, some sugary treats for the kids and watch a movie made especially for them. Us adults do nothing but sit and watch the movie with them (because, after all, that is the point).

Well, it seems that someone shot Peanut out of a rubber band this past Friday night as he was bouncing off every single wall.

So it was no surprise when he ran into the kitchen, jumped over to my mom and then proceeded to tell here that:

"At, there is a Golden Purrtunity waiting for you and me!"

Then bounced back out.

Later, he did the same dance and jig for me, adding in extra twirls. It was hilarious.

Then yesterday, we had decided to take a trip to the National Zoo. We park in Springfield and ride the Metro (subway) in because we're not that stupid and traffic/parking is a pain in the city, not to mention limited at the zoo itself.

The trip went relatively uneventful. Peanut let me put his hair back in a ponytail to ease the heat on him some since his thick dark hair only acts as an insulator.

On our way back Peanut and Niece were looking out the window at planes taking off from Reagan National Airport (we go by it) when the train bumped. Peanut must have hit his head because the next thing out of his mouth was, "Wow, that hurt the hell out of my head."

I asked him to repeat it for clarification.

Then I busted out laughing and tried to tell my sister. She asked if I thought laughing was gonna help. Of course not, but damn, I was soo not expecting that from his mouth.

So there I was, tattoed, pierced, black hair, knitting and my son said 'hell' and I didn't pull him through the wringer for it but laughed instead.

Yeah, I'm sure there were some people on that train condemning me to hell alright.

(flea and orange, these 2 incidents reminded me of your posts on cursing around kids and Ben being a better salesman than the commercials themselves.)