Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Noah's Wish

I just heard about this organization while listening to Associated Press reports of Katrina's devastation to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

What they do is evacuate all the animals they can before the natural disaster and then round up all the survivors they find afterwards. Visit their website and seriously consider donating some money; animals need help during times like these, too.

Oh, from what I can gather, they don't just help dogs and cats: sometimes its a horse, cow, etc.

I can't provide a link to the news coverage but I can get you closer to the page.

Click on Mississippi: At Center of Storm. It should bring up a separate window of Most Watched. Click on Hurricane Katrina, which is underneath Most Watched. Scroll until you see some dogs and 2 people in deep water and watch Founder and Director Terri Crisp tell you what they are doing there now.

Note: I am also happy to report that the woman who was going to ride out the storm on a friends Shrimp Boat with her 3 year old daughter is fine! Yay!