Tuesday, April 19, 2005

irritating noises

I'm not a fan of the repetitive noise like pen clicks or back-up beepers on trucks. And it's this back-up beeper that I've been hearing for at least 30 min now and I'm ready to throw something at the driver. Most of the time I can ignore such noises as getting into my work helps drown that all away, but for some reason I seem to be tuning in too much to the irritating city noises this afternoon.

On some days there are the ambulance/fire truck/squad car drivers who, I swear, are playing with their sirens. Instead of a continuous whooohooooo sound (you know how the siren works I'm sure), it's whooop, whoop, whoooop, whp, whp. It gets really irritating especially when you are crossing the street in front of them not realizing your kid is waving to them and they let out a squeal. Right there. Where you jump into the clouds. Because those damned sirens are loud.

So yeah. I love retreating to my soundless sanctuary every evening. It's just the numerous mating frogs, insects, whipporwill and me (not to mention the occasional opossum, raccoon, owl, bat, etc, and moths don't make any noises that I can hear).