Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I saw a bunch of people outside of the General Assembly building in February I think it was, holding up signs that said "Free Rusty" on them. Some had the picture of a guy in his Naval sailor suit, complete with hat.

Then we turned the corner and there are a few people waving www.freerusty.com signs. So today I finally remember to check it out. It's pretty interesting so you should check it out, too.

It appears that Rusty was in jail, though I know not what for. There are a lot of links for helping out men in jail (which I wholely ignore but you gotta admit that not all are there for honest reasons), learning about a few that are there even though it was proved that they did not commit the crime and so forth. It's really not that bad of a site to visit.

But I am going to have to find a site similar to this one that addresses women in jail. Because I like to balance things out.