Saturday, April 23, 2005

Another Peanut conversation

Most Saturday and Sunday mornings, Peanut gets up without much noise (we are both pretty heavy sleepers) and goes downstairs to see if my mom or dad is awake. This morning they were not so he waited patiently in the kitchen until someone did. I came downstairs after awhile (and my dad calling up to me that his teeball game was in 1 hour) and laid in my mom/dad's bed with him. My mom was ticling and wrestling with him, then jokingly laid her head down on his legs.

Peanut: Uh, Nana, do you notice that you are on my grine bone where I hurt myself?
Me and Nana: laughing hysterically
Me again: Silly, it's a muscle and its your groin.

Ahhhh, kids say the darndest things.

Later in the afternoon, I was making lots of little cupcakes so they could frozen for snacks (the ones pre-packaged cost $3.50 for 4 packages of 5). Peanut came in from outside because it was raining and I told him that as soon as the last batch was done, we were going to Target for a mattress cover. No problem he says then asks if he can go barefoot. I tell him that the store won't let him in if he doesn't at least wear flip-flops so off he goes in search of a pair.

Then, standing at the back door, I tell him that we're not going to Target for a toy for him. At first he got whiny, but calmed pretty fast when I told him that a waterproof mattress pad was going to be expensive and I didn't have enough money to get him a toy, too. So then he disappears again and comes back with his spider man toy.

Peanut: Mom, I'm bringing my spider man toy so that way you won't have to worry about me.
Me: Um, sure. (chuckling to myself)

So we get to Target. He had fallen asleep in the car and he wakes up just as we pull into the parking lot. Of course the first thing he tells me is how he doesn't like to walk. Like Dr.B. said, the kid is spoiled and still likes to be toted everywhere. He's weighed a steady 40 lbs for about a year now so it's no big deal as long as I carry him on the front with both arms.

Anyway, we get in, get the cart, wander around 'til I find the matress pads, locate the waterproof one and notice that it's considerbly cheaper than I had thought it would be. Announcing this to Peanut, he immediately chimes in, "Yay, this means we can get a toy for me now!" Chuckling, I said we'll see. It's our usual thing: if he can sit in the cart, behave and not ask me 100 times about getting a toy and going to the toy section, I'll buy him a $5 something. I have known for a while that I need to stop doing this but it's become a habit and he's so damned good in the stores when it's just me and him that I have a hard time saying no.

We pay for our stuff after wandering around and finding a teeball starter kit and a bucket of 12 teeball's (the sticker on the front claims them to be the *real thing*) and head out to our car. Seeing Borders to my left, I asked Peanut if he wanted to go to the bookstore. He immediately says yes, but quickly asks if he can bring his new army guys. *sigh* We ended up getting in the car and just driving home because I told him that the point of a bookstore was to look at the books, not play with his new army guys.

And then we arrived home. Nothing blog worthy happened here except I scratched one of my downstairs cat's ears for her and she started drooling.