Thursday, August 25, 2005

Abuse in military schools?

Seriously? You sure they aren't just "being boys?"

Oh, you mean a separate task force finally realized the female cadets of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs were telling the truth?! Geewillikers.

And someone finally began to listen to all the, "When women are devalued, the likelihood of harassing and even abusive behavior increases" voices? Amazing I tell ya.

Here are some of the few recommendations to fix the problem, and they are definitely good ones which I hope they actually try:

• Increase the number of women on faculties and in student bodies. About 15% of cadets and midshipmen are female.

• Pass criminal rape laws for the military similar to those of many states. Current military laws "do not reflect the full range of contemporary sexual misconduct," including cases that don't involve physical force.

• Add history of women in uniform to the curricula, including why women are excluded from combat.

The article states that more than 4 dozen recommendations were made to rectify this distressing problem. 4 dozen recommendations people!! That means the academies have got to be in sorry shape to have 48 suggestions made to include women and hold harassers responsible. They shouldn't be needing any and taken care of the abuse when it first started being reported instead of sweeping it under the proverbial rug and hoping it would take care of itself.

They even suggested stopping the use of alcohol on school property. If any of you have ever been around someone in the military, drinking is definitely something they do best. It's almost as if the military breeds alcoholism they drink so much (having come of age in Virginia Beach, bars were full of military assholes).

So it's nice to see they didn't let this issue die out and instead, investigated the shit out of it. So much so, they found out at least 50% of women cadets have been harassed, most verbally, but too large a number sexually to be ignored.

Now hopefully, they don't ignore this report and begin to seriously fix the problem.