Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wanna see where I live?

I finally took pictures although they show mostly a still messy house (which I have been told is not messy but by my standards, it's messy).

Things have been going okay inside the house, however, not so well with the neighbors that will hopefully be getting evicted sometime in the near (very very very near) future. Of course that would only mean they get to inflict their chaos on someone else but now the Department of Social Services is involved so they can only do but so much before they realize how it's affecting their kids. Hopefully.

Peanut's room is above, or half of it anyway. It's much tidier now since about 2 weekends ago I made him work on it with me because the clutter was driving me nuts. Now he keeps it tidy because he knows he'll have to suffer the wrath of an almost OCD mom and that is not something anyone wants to endure.

As you notice, Ms. Kitty is keeping him company; she sleeps with him always, no matter what. There are times I have checked on him and Ms. Kitty has been sleeping on his back. How odd for an old cat I think.

This is the hallway that leads to both mine and Peanut's room. There used to be boxes lining the wall but they have gone. Yay! Down those stairs is our front door which I don't use much since I park in back. I only use the front door to get our mail and to take the dog on walks when it's raining since the back turns into a swamp.

This is the larger section of my bedroom. Preventing the door from opening are printer and Party Lite candle holder boxes. If you could see all the way into the room on that side, you would take note of a large cedar chest holding a 27" TV with a PS2 and VCR on top. That's it for that wall. I like things balanced so too much clutter gets on my nerves and gives me bad vibes. Call it my version of Feng Shui if you will.

What I do love about this room is the alcove that proved perfect for a desk and computer. What you can't fully see is the awkward space at the bottom left hand corner. It's a weird space no wider than 1' but at least 2.5' long. What I finally decided to do is install shelving which would in turn hold my yarn. (Yes, I have that much yarn so hush.) The shelving would also come in handy for anyone else who would live here after me and, being the space saver I am, make excellent use of someone else's not so excellent idea. (The closets were added much later when the house was "updated" so, instead of extending the closet all the way, they left that awkward spot.)

My room is at the front of the house and faces east so it gets full sun most of the day. Having full sun is actually a good thing because it makes the room very bright, therefore beating out my worries of a dark and depressing apartment.

And this is my living room. The ceilings are actually much higher than I'm giving them credit, at least in this picture anyway. They aren't quite vaulted ceilings, but they are high enough to require a stool or standing on the bed in order to replace light bulbs. Though I will admit to needing a step ladder in order to reach the smoke alarm that wasn't operational when I moved in. It took me 2 months to realize it's not working because it either needs a new battery or it didn't have one in the first place.

Along the left side of the first picture, you catch a slight glimpse of my books. 3 bookcases full and, if I get more books anytime soon, I'll need a 4th.

And that's my first apartment folks! I do have a kitchen and bathroom though I didn't take pictures of them. Why I'm not sure. Perhaps I wanted you to feel sorry for me so you would send yarn, hehehe.