Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Dog Blogging: "Meet Dooley!" edition

Meet the latest edition to our family: Droopey, Drooley, Dooley! She's a chocolate lab who is deaf so she spends a lot of time in her own world.

She follows me around everywhere and stays close, even when I'm just brushing my teeth. Dooley eventually lays down on the bathroom carpet during that sleepy time ritual but, as I found out yesterday, does not prefer to be closed in the bathroom while I take a shower, choosing instead to lounge on the sofa. She sleeps hard, snoring rather loudly, and startles awake so I try not to rouse her, prefering instead she wake on her own. (Which Peanut doesn't seem to understand. I've warned him one of these days she's going to bite him for it and I don't want to hear any complaining.)

When I took this picture and the other below, I literally stopped walking and turned around. That's all. She's been a great comfort to us and having a deaf dog has forced us to relate/communicate with her in other, more creative ways.

She got in a little tiff with yet another pit bull the other day; she now has a scratch on her nose to prove her stupidity. (Hey, she may be a skinny 70lbs, but she's no match for a pit. At all. Yet she has started something with every single one we've met thus far.)

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