Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How's this for irony?

The Repubs are romancing the Hispanic/Latino vote. What could their possible tag line be do you think?

"We're trying to ban you, but vote for us because we'll help you open your own business."
"You are not the only illegal immigrants in the U.S. but we're building that wall just in case so please vote for us."
"Vote for us, we just voted to build a huge wall to keep your family safe from bigotry."

I know I'm not the only one who finds the reasoning the Repubs are pulling out of their ass for garnering the Hispanic/Latino vote hilariously ironic. Focusing on the economy is a direct contradiction of their reasons for building the Great Wall of Divisiveness in the first place: immigrants come to the US illegally and steal all the jobs thus driving the economy down. But now the Repubs come with promises of personal businesses and low taxes as incentives.

And who is the wishy-washy party exactly?

I thoroughly enjoyed this little quip:

"Our message is simple. Choose between a Republican Party whose successes are obvious in the lives of Hispanics or a Democratic Party that has no real solutions to offer to the problems of the country," said Alejandro Burgos of the National Republican Campaign Committee.
I guess Burgos forgot about the mass demonstrations held nationwide once the Repubs declared a War on Illegal Immigration.