Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Isn't this nice.

MSNBC thought it was important to compile a list of the top 10 myths regarding school shootings. Interesting to say the least, but they forgot one thing. See if you can pick out the 1 common denominator:

Myth No. 1: "He didn't fit the profile."
Myth No. 2. “He just snapped.”
Myth No. 3. “No one knew.”
Myth No. 4. “He hadn’t threatened anyone.”
Myth No. 5. “He was a loner.”
Myth No. 6. “He was crazy.”
Myth No. 7. “If only we’d had a SWAT team or metal detectors.”
Myth No. 8. “He’d never touched a gun.”
Myth No. 9. “We did everything we could to help him.”
Myth No. 10. “School violence is rampant.”
Oh wait, I guess almost every.single.shooter. being male isn't really a myth, is it? I wonder when our society will start asking the really hard questions: Why are boys (and sometimes men) turning into mass murderers, but not girls/women? Why are boys (and a lot of men) resorting to this type of violence when girls/women are not?

Then again, we are a society that still allows Domestic Violence to be punishable with a misdemeanor assault charge.

(Note: 2 movies of worth on this topic are Tough Guise, which is available at college/university libraries, and Elephant.)

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