Friday, April 28, 2006

So you wanna know what Peanut's been up to?

Hmmmm, let's see: throwing chairs, hiding himself under or in furniture when he's mad, teaching everyone in class how to say "F-U-C-K you" in sign language, telling a classmate that he's going to "blast him with his dad's new assault rifle" and hmmm, so far I think that's it.

He's continuously rude in Spanish class yet I refuse to pull him out of it since that's what he wants. Tuesday Peanut and Classmate went to the guidancance counselor for a "Friendship Meeting" where they were then assigned to each other for the rest of the week.

What did my son say to his teacher upon returning back to class? "It's okay Ms. S. because it's Tuesday and there are only 3 more days in the week."

Here's the break down:

The Friday before spring break, which was 3 weeks ago today, he got mad at another classmate, yelled in said classmate's face then picked up and threw a chair. He wasn't throwing it at anyone, but it did bounce and almost hit another classmate in the face. Peanut was punished but since that weekend he went to stay with his dad, it didn't do much good.

Last week he got in a scuffle with another classmate (J.) because Peanut was playing with a little blue army dude when J. asked to play with it. Apparently Peanut was irritated with him because his little blue army dude said, "I don't like black people." Peanut tried passing this off to me as, "But I didn't say it, my blue guy did." That didn't fly naturally because it was merely an act of deflection by proxy, using the blue guy to say what Peanut knew he wouldn't be allowed to say otherwise.

Needless to say, I was pissed so we had a discussion. I asked him how that possibly made J. feel when he said that and (thankfully) Peanut replied with, "Sad. And kinda mad."

I then asked Peanut how he would have felt had J. said he didn't like Phillipino people. He cried, "But he did say that to me!" So I said, "Tell a teacher!" (I'm getting real tired of saying this to him, seriously.)

Essentially, Peanut knew what he said was bad and apologized.

However, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week presented it's own problems.

Monday - I can't remember right now because my memory is being consumed by the gun threat. I'll read his agenda and get back to you on this.

Tuesday he decided to threaten J. by saying, "I'm gonna blast you with my dad's new assault rifle." J. shot back, "Fine, I'll just chop your head off." Both sent to a "Friendship meeting" with the school's Guidance Counselor and principal and, thankfully, Peanut was not suspended. When I found out of course, I was not pleased. My exhusband does indeed have an assault rifle which makes me extremely nervous because there is no real reason to own one if you don't hunt or live in a rural setting. Ex lives in Virginia Beach which is completely suburban. I'm trying to figure out how to make him get rid of it but he does keep them locked up and they all have trigger locks when Peanut is at his house; he choose to show it to Peanut that first weekend after purchasing it. (This also brings up the question: if he can buy an assault rifle, why is he bouncing his child support checks and why is his house almost uninhabitable?) Needless to say, Peanut was grounded to his room and was not allowed to play with anyone or anything. He was not happy but I told him tough shit.

Wednesday found him, after lunch, standing in the middle of class, holding his middle finger up and informing everyone that it meant the *f-word* in sign language. Then he spelled it for them, but he didn't actually say it. Did spelling instead of speaking it save him from having to drink two teaspoons of vinegar Wednesday afternoon when we got home? Hells no. And he was grounded to his room again.

After the sign language lesson, he asked Ms. S. if he could play with blocks and when she told him no, that playing was a privilege he had lost, he threw a chair again and stomped into the closet.


Yesterday was a better day, but he was extremely rude in Spanish class again. I keep telling him that if he'd sit and pay attention, it wouldn't be so boring.

Also, when Ms. S. asked Peanut why he listened so well in her class, but was awful for Ms. W. and the Spanish teacher, he said, "Because you're just the best teacher ever!"

So I have a suck up for a 1st grader.

We've been going back to the Talk Dr., too, and Monday is our 2nd appt. We have one each week all through May because she's going to be gone all of June so hopefully this helps work something (or whatever it is) out.